Greedy Gorilla Game Orchard Toys


Feed the junk food to the gorilla, while you make a healthy meal!
Encourages healthier eating
Make the gorilla burp!
Suitable for ages 4-8

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This bestselling game encourages healthier eating for children in a fun way. Use the healthy food cards to create a nutritious meal in this simple lotto game. However, if you pick up an item of junk food (e.g. ice cream, pizza or burger) you must post this into the gorilla’s mouth to make him burp! The winner is the first person to fill all their meal tiles.
To help children recognise the difference between healthier and junk foods, cards are colour coded – blue for healthier foods and yellow for junk foods. The game also includes a real burping noise whenever a card is posted into the gorilla’s mouth, which children find hilarious! Players must say ‘excuse me’ after the gorilla has burped, which encourages good manners for later life.
4 playing boards
24 healthy food cards
8 junk food cards
1 gorilla posting box
1 instruction leaflet


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