Play-Doh Air Clay Dinosaur moulding set-Green


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Roar through playtime with the Play-Doh Air Clay Dinosaur moulding set. Kids 4+ can use the included air clay colours, dinosaur fossil, and googly eyes to squish and mould their creations to life. Once dry, dinosaurs can be played with or displayed.

Let imaginations roar using the Play-Doh Air Clay Dinosaur moulding set. Complete with two air clay colours, one set of googly eyes, and dinosaur fossil frame, kids as young as 4 years old can use their fine motor skills to sculpt and mould creations. Cover the dinosaur frame entirely or leave bones exposed for a truly one-of-a-kind creation. Once dry for 24 hours, dinosaurs come to life in epic playtime adventures. The Play-Doh Air Clay Dinosaur moulds are available in 3 different dinosaurs, worthy of collecting them all!

Key Features: Available in 3 different dinosaurs each including 2 air clay colours, 1 dinosaur fossil frame, 1 set of googly eyes. Promotes the use of fine motor skills and imagination. Kids 4+


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